Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Teaching babies is hard

Wrong, but so sweet

At the beginning of the month my bosses added a class of 4 and 5 year olds. I think they thought I'd be thrilled, but they were wrong. They were very wrong. Teaching kids that age is so hard - not because the content is difficult, but because you have to make them sit still and pay attention to what you're doing. And in order to make them pay attention you have to put on a show. But the show can't be too entertaining, otherwise they'll get too excited and forget to concentrate on what they're supposed to be learning, and you'll end up with a classroom of screaming 5 year olds. It's a very delicate balance and I just don't have the patience for it.

Kids that age learn in a strange way too. For weeks and weeks you do the same things over and over - you sing so many versions of the alphabet song, you practice the flash cards, you write your letters in every color of the rainbow, yet they retain nothing. Yesterday I had them writing T on the whiteboard, then they had to go to their desks and do a letter T worksheet. During the walk from the whiteboard to the desk they completely forgot what letter we were practicing and what sound it makes. It was like a vacuum came and sucked all the English out of their little minds, and I had to start the lesson from the beginning again. And then finally one day in the distant future they'll come in and recite their abc's perfectly, and you're so proud but also so irritated because what took you so long?! I'm impatiently waiting for that day to arrive.

There are some older kids that stick around after their class is over to do homework or wait for their moms to come pick them up, and they are captivated by this class. I always catch them peeking through the window or walking up and down the hallway. Yesterday a girl actually fell into the classroom when I opened the door to go make copies because she had her ear pressed up against the door. So I decided to let them join in, and oh my gosh it's so great! These 3rd graders are so excited to sing the abc song with the babies and help them match their letters and color pictures together. It's adorable, and their excitement is starting to rub off on me. Having them in there also helps me keep my sanity a little bit, so win-win.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I love my mornings

This week I was thinking again about how awesome my work schedule is. My bosses are very laid back and never gave me set hours - they trust me to do a good job and they let me decide when I come and go. I work hard but I also work smart and I usually don't spend more time than is necessary at my desk. And I love it so much.

I love that I can stay up late because I don't have to wake up early.

I love taking my coffee and my Bear to the beach while the sun is up.

I love that I can do all my errands in the morning and just be free when work is over.

I also love that people are at work when I go to the store, and I can usually get in and out really quickly. 

I love coming home to a clean apartment because I had time to tidy up before I left.

I love being able to meet friends for coffee or brunch.

I love that my commute isn't hectic because most people are already at work when I leave.

I love having time to sit at Starbucks and read. 

I love being able to skype with people back home and not feel rushed. 

And so much more. Life is good friends. I'm lucky and I know it.