Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The joys of being a dog owner

It's been 6 months, and I'm having trouble remembering what my life was like before I got Bear.

I think I used to wake up to an alarm clock, but now I either wake up to a dog whining "it's time to play so let me out of this kennel," or a tongue licking my face if I didn't lock him in the night before.

I didn't used to go for 3 walks a day, sometimes in the rain, sometimes in my pajamas, sometimes carrying a bag of poo. I didn't have to avoid around all the scary manhole covers or motorcycles, and I didn't have pockets full of plastic bags at all times.

Yeah, he's vain

I didn't used to have dog treats and rope toys in my basket at Home Plus, or feel guilty for not having treats or toys and coming home with lots of things for me but nothing for my animal. 

My schedule didn't used to revolve around someone else's bladder. 

And I definitely didn't used to have teeth marks in my baseboards.

But I also didn't have somebody yipping with excitement every time I opened the door. 

I didn't have a little friend to play with and talk to (like he's an actual person that can be reasoned with...oops) and sit next to me while I watch TV. 

I didn't have a buddy to walk with me to the beach or the bank when I didn't want to go alone. And I didn't have anybody to make me walk 3 times a day and lose 10 pounds (thanks Bear!)

I didn't have anything to take care of besides myself. It may seem silly, but it's really satisfying knowing this creature is alive and healthy and happy because of me. If I accomplish nothing else in a day at least I know I fed my dog. 

He has made my life very different, that little Bear. He's a little bit needy, a little bit naughty, but even when I'm mad at him he's pretty cute. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

All I know is...

Last time I was at the beach there was a Kindergarten class playing in the sand, and they all lined their shoes up in this cute little row.

I haven't felt like cooking all week. I had a bowl of blueberry wheats for dinner and it was so satisfying.

I usually don't mind humidity (weird I know) but it has been really intense and draining lately. I keep drinking instant coffee at work to fight off the sleepies.

Bear must be feeling a little neglected because he keeps trying to lick my hands as I type.

Speaking of Bear, I bought him a ball that has a bell inside and he was afraid of it until I held him in my lap and waved it in front of his face for a while. Does that make me a bad dog mom?

One class had some writing homework this week, and a boy came in with all these sentences about Cindy and Andy that he had clearly copied from an English book. And then he got upset when I didn't give him any points. 

There is a man that drives a truck around my neighborhood selling watermelons for about $5, and the only time I see him is when my arms are already full of things or I'm on my way to work. I want a cheap watermelon!

Tomorrow is Friday and I might just play games in all my classes. Most of the kids decided to be really difficult this week and they don't really deserve game day but I deserve a break from teaching them.

Happy almost weekend everybody!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sometimes you just need a nap

I know little one, I'm tired too. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to take naps on the desk because I'm the teacher and I'm not 5 years old. But lucky for both of us it's a 3 day weekend! You will probably watch cartoons and color pictures and run around like a maniac and make your mom tired. And I will go to my beloved Seoul and eat all the Mexican food I can find and buy everything Forever 21 has in my size. And we will both probably come back on Monday and want to sleep on the desk.