Friday, November 14, 2014

Strange Korean snacks

A friend posted a video on facebook titled "Americans try Korean snacks for the first time." I assumed it would be pretty entertaining so I clicked on it, and it did not disappoint. And guess what? I've eaten everything they've eaten, minus the fish sausage, because why would you ever do that to yourself? Watch!

Wanna know what I think about all these foods? Good.

Milkis - Really good carbonated milk flavored drink. I avoided it for a long time because it sounds like something that will make you throw up, but it's not. If there's no Coke Zero around I'll drink it.

Squid chips - I'm not a seafood fan so I've only had these once intentionally and a couple times accidentally. It looks like a brown cheese ball but it doesn't taste like one.

Fish sausage - No. Just no. Sausage should not be made from fish, it should not look like string cheese, and it should never have chunks in it. For some mysterious reason my students love these. They buy them at the market before class and just watching them eat it takes away my appetite.

Rice cake - Yum! When I worked in public school they would serve these for lunch on special days. They're really chewy and they have lots of different fillings. Red bean is not the best, but I admit it's grown on me.

Fish shaped ice cream sandwich - Anything shaped like a fish is fun in my book! And there's that red bean again. My first year here my friends and I called red bean "sneaky bean" because you find it EVERYWHERE, particularly places where red bean does not normally belong, like pastries, donuts, and ice cream. And because it's dark and in dessert food it can easily be mistaken for chocolate. Until you take a bite. Red bean used to taste like disappointment, but now when I see dessert I assume it's not chocolate and just don't get my hopes up.

And there you have it. Now do you understand why I miss American grocery stores?

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