Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Santa

Here's some more of my students' writing for you. This week they either had to write a letter to Santa or to their English teacher.

Hi santa!!  
My mame is LeeJung Soo. 
I want to a chrismas present is goalkeeper's gloves.
I like soccer.and I like goalkeeper.      
I Will play soocer this winter vacation.

From _ Ray
Hi  Santa. This is Ray.
This Christmas  I want to a UFO.
Beacause I take the UFO.
UFO is really fast .
So I want to  a UFO.
Bye, Santa.
To_ Santa

Breann teacher.
 Hi Breann teacher I'm scott^^.
Teacher happy Christmas day .
And everyday smily ^^
Thankyou teacher .

Hello santa!
My name is Rose.
Nice to meet you.
I want many notebooks.
I need when study history,Korean,science.
I don't have many notebooks.
I need Engilsh notebook.
I need notebooks.
Please.Give me.

Hi~ Breann teacher my name is charly.
2/25 is christmas  I like christmas.
How about you Berann?
Christmas, my sister give me computer..
And my family my friend give me  present.
How about your family , friend  what  present?
Give me study, thanks teacher.
Merry  christmas ^^~

Hi santa I want to be a smart phone
because my phone is fritz
If I have a smart phone
I want to play another game, and I boast
please give me that
I will good student

To.Breann teacher
Marry christmas teacher.
My name is 'Alex'
Thankyou for study English.
Teacher live a long and don't forget we

Santa please give me my happy
And, health give please
I like family and freand
Them happy and health
That my greatest gift

Hello~ Breann , I'm Min kyung.
How are you?? (I think:I'm happy)
thank,teach English..
I want you don't go America
you are pretty.
so I like you.
good bye~~

To. Breann teacher.
Hi, Breann teacher.
I thank you for the lesson you gave me.
English many teach.
I want many game.
I am happy When game in English class.

Santa hi! I`m Mia.
Santa  give me dollar and computer and bike and bed and house.
many? ^^
Thank you if you give me.
I love you  Santa.
Good bye.              
                                              From. mia

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  1. Hahaha. so adorable! you are pretty. so i like you. I would say that is a good analogy :) Miss you!