Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good-bye for now

In about 2 hours I'll be driving to the airport to fly back to Korea. I had a great 3 weeks at home. I celebrated Christmas a few times, went to a good friend's wedding, celebrated New Years, laughed with a lot of people, and ate a ton of good food. I wasn't sure what it would be like to come home after being gone for so long, but it felt like I had never left. It was really easy to slip back into life in America, and it didn't feel like I had been gone for very long. That's really comforting going into this next year. I'm hoping and praying it will be the same.

Saying good-bye was not any easier the second time around. I've said it before, but I have such good friends. I've known most of them since I was little and we've grown up together. We understand each other and accept each other and love each other and its hard to be away from people you like so much and to miss out on a whole year of their lives. The internet is wonderful, but skype and pictures aren't the same as actually being in the room with a person. Every time I said good-bye to someone, I wondered what I was thinking going back to Korea for another year.

At the same time, I know I'm supposed to go back. If I didn't I would regret it and I think I would be missing out on something great. I'm happy I get to teach in the same schools with the same students one more time, and (hopefully) get better at my job. I'm excited for the vacations I'll take and the countries I'll get to visit. I'm excited (and nervous) about the new friends I'm hopefully going to make since my 4 Korean besties are ditching me. I just know that this is where God wants me and I don't want to miss out on his plan for my life.

I'm sitting here right now, not really thrilled about going back, but not dreading it either. I think once I'm actually there I'll feel better about everything. So, thanks everyone for a great 3 weeks. I'll see you all on the internet. Love you!


  1. I love how honest you are in this post. Isn't funny how mixed our emotions can be when we are following God's will, but when what He is asking us to do isn't easy! I'm glad you're going back and I trust that in your obedience even when it's hard, the Lord will be faithful to grow you in His stedfast love which is more of a blessing than any earthly thing. Take care.


  2. It is the best sacrifice you can make!! I know God wants me in Alabama and even though it can be tough I have never been more confident that I am right where he wants me and there is just something so great about that. I love it!! Have a safe trip!