Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm jealous of my kids

It is typhooooooning in Korea! Very heavy rain, very strong wind. CNN says this is the worst one of the year, and they say that for almost every typhoon, but this time I believe them.

So this morning when I got ready I didn't even bother drying my hair. I put on my trenchcoat, rain boots, and umbrella. I stepped outside and almost immediately my umbrella turned inside out. Awesome. There is nothing to do in that situation except run to the bus stop, and run I did. By the time I made it to school my hair was dripping, and the section of jeans between my boots and my coat was soaked. I'm sitting in front of a fan right now trying to dry off.

And where are the kids? At home, probably playing video games, watching tv, drinking hot chocolate, and loving life. It is too dangerous for them to go outside today. Where are the teachers? At school. Adults have special tyhpoon-resistant superpowers, obviously. It is also extremely important for us to "be diligent" and "work hard." My version of that includes watching Sunday night football, reading, and facebook chatting with all the other English teachers who are working oh so hard today. Happy typhoon day everyone!

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