Thursday, August 29, 2013

5 things

1. Last night I went to Costco with Anna and InAi. We ate Costco pizza for dinner, and it was enormous and delish. And I just remembered I have a leftover piece in the frig! Then we filled our cart with chicken and vegetables and pears and grapes and shaving cream and a lifetime supply of floss. At one point we were the only people in the aisle, and it was so wonderful. Usually everybody is there with their entire extended family and at least one unhappy child and there are stranded carts all over the place, but if you go on a Wednesday night you can be the only people in your aisle. I thought it was great, the other 2 were less impressed. And then I was reminiscing about my first year in Korea when we would go shopping at Costco and then rush home to Ulsan in trains and taxis before all our meat defrosted.

2. Anna and I came home and needed to re-arrange the freezer to make room for everything we just bought, which led to cleaning out the freezer. Which led to touching and throwing away a lot of things I would have rather not touched. Like some freezer burned fish. And a mysterious clump of something that resembled mashed potatoes. Which then led to sneaking the food garbage outside, because it's not supposed to go out until Friday but it was Wednesday and we weren't keeping that stuff inside for 2 more days.

3. I. am. tired. I've had to wake up early every morning this week to go to the hospital, then to immigration, then to immigration again (a story of its own that I will tell you later). Plus my body is not used to working. Don't judge, but I haven't worked since the end of February and its hard to get back into the routine of getting up on time and teaching all afternoon. Those little guys drain all your energy.

4. This morning was the first all week I was going to be able to sleep in, and I was excitedddddd! And then the doorbell rang. And it was the downstairs lady coming to tell us we can't use the water. They're doing construction or something and everybody's water is draining into and flooding her apartment. But don't worry, they're working on it and it'll be fixed in 3 or 4 days. Umm, what?! Sorry not sorry, but this is 2013 and I need to be able to take a shower every day. And who would even construct a building with all the pipes leading into one apartment?! A fool, that's who.

5. Today I taught science and I did an experiment with the kids. The point was to see how wind and water can move sand and soil and to figure out which is more effective. It had the potential to get very messy so we spent half the class outside doing the actual experiment part. 3 kids got sand in their eyes, somebody somehow inhaled a little bit, one kid was afraid of the stray cat wandering around, and the highlight for another boy was getting to dump the tray of wet dirt into an abandoned lot. Success?

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  1. Hahaha, sounds hectic to me. Hope you have time to relax and take it easy! The life of a teacher is interesting when heard from your it!