Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall fall fall

One of the things I really love about living in Korea but haven't gotten to do lately is day trips. It's very easy to get stuck in a routine around here, but its also so much fun to get out and do something different for a little bit. It feels like a mini, mini vacation. Everything is more fun when it doesn't happen in your own city, right? It's also fun when you take a crew of 8 people with you. 
So we got on the train and went to Gyeogju to see the fall leaves. Busan has the ocean, which is magnificent, but the ocean doesn't change colors with the seasons. And we have a lot of buildings, but not a lot of trees, therefore not a lot of leaves. It hasn't really felt like fall yet. The temperature has been dropping and I've been wearing sweaters (my favorite) every day, but there's no red and orange in the trees, no apple orchards, no hay rides, no pumpkin flavored anything. It's not truly fall until you've crunched through a pile of dead leaves, so off we went! 

Literally the first thing I did after getting out of the taxi - feet. in. grass.

We took a walk around a lake/river/big pond. We stopped and took a lotttt of pictures, threw some rocks, threw some leaves, hopped across some stepping stones, ate some snacks. 

This is my favorite picture of the day. 

 The city we visited is very historic...I think it used to be the capital a long long time ago? All those hills are tombs of kings and their wives. I know there's a pile of bones under there, but I kept thinking about how fun it would be to run to the top and then roll down the hill.

 Ta-da! This is what I've been waiting for all season.

Girls picture. 

And now I'm ready to move on to Christmas. Starbucks put up red and gold the day after Halloween, and I don't hate it. Normally I want to get through Thanksgiving first, but this year I'm ok with celebrating an extra long Christmas. Ho ho ho!

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