Friday, February 21, 2014

Lately I've been...

Lately I've been watching the Olympics. Non-stop. Cannot get enough. I even have an app on my phone with photos and articles and recaps and all kinds of other goodies. I'm writing this blog post in the middle of the night waiting for the hockey game I stayed up to watch to start. I just get so caught up in the competition, and it seems like every athlete has some emotional or inspiring story. The theme song alone excites me. I love it all. I don't know what I'm going to do when they're over.

Lately I've been re-reading the Hunger Games. It's so silly because I've read the series before and seen the movies - I know exactly what's going to happen but I still get so into it. Literally I was reading on the subway today, heart racing, and I almost missed my stop for work. Imagine if I had been late and that was my excuse.

Lately I've been walking little Bear several times a day. He made some bad choices last week that landed him in his kennel while I'm at work, so by the time I get home he has tons of pent up energy that needs to be released in the outdoors. Rain, sun, cold, or snow he does not care. Fun fact: after a rainy walk he hates being dried off with a towel. He cries like he's being tortured and I'm just waiting for my neighbors to come over one night prepared to rescue him from his cruel owner.

Lately I've been listening to nothing. Usually I like to listen to my music during my commute but I forgot my headphones a few days ago and I liked it so much that I chose not to bring them. It's kind of exciting being aware of my surroundings. The other night on my way home I heard a loud clacking sound and I realized I've been walking past a tap dancing studio every single day and never noticed. A tap dancing studio! How could I not know that was there? I'm sure it's either filled with little kids or old women, and I can't decide what would be better. I hope they have a recital one day.

Lately I've been so frustrated with one of my students. He consistently comes 30 minutes late to a 55 minute class. He hasn't done his homework since December and he brings his books and pencil less than half the time. He has given up, his mom has given up, and I'm very tempted to give up too. What's the point of me trying to get him to make an effort when no one else expects that of him? But at the same time if everybody lets him slack off in life what's his future going to look like? Ugh.

Lately I've been eating McDonalds often. Like once a week. They built one around the corner and I can't resist. Cooking is so much work and burgers taste so good. Don't judge.

And last but not least, lately I've been wearing my new heart socks! Thanks for the Valentine's package mom.

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