Thursday, February 13, 2014

A blog about Bear part II

Right now I'm pretty mad at Bear because 3 days in a row he's chewed up his puppy pad while I've been at work. I'm mildly concerned that he'll make himself sick, but mostly I'm annoyed and grossed out that I have to clean it up. If anybody knows how to make him stop please share the knowledge.  

He now weighs 6 1/2 pounds.

He got a new kennel. 

Bear really hates bath time. He gets mad and refuses to make eye contact and I just laugh at him because he's half the size when he's wet and I cannot take his anger seriously.

He likes to chase his tail and then hold onto it for a while after he catches it. 

He knows 5 words: Bear, no, sit, stay, and walk. 

Sometimes I hold him in the air like he's Simba.

Bear is afraid of the neighbor's bike in the hallway. I've tried to make face his fear because we walk past it on the way to the elevator many times a day, but he just runs as far away as possible. Baby.

We go on 2 long walks and sometimes a few short ones every day. Little puppy has so much energy.

Speaking of walks, he tries to pick up every piece of trash lying on the street. A few times I've looked down and noticed a wad of paper or a cigarette butt hanging out of his mouth. 

Bear is clingy. He follows me around and I step on him kind of often because he's always right under my feet. Give me some space dog! 

He's starting to shed. Boo. 

I still love him, even though he's naughty sometimes.

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