Tuesday, March 27, 2012


One of my girls wore a sweatshirt that said "All American Boy"

5th grade questions:
Me: What's the biggest country in the world?
Kids: China, Japan, Korea
Me: What's the smallest country in the world?
Kids: China, Japan, Korea
Me: What country speaks the most languages?
Kids: China, Japan, Korea
Let's invest in a world map

I think the lunch ladies are trying to see how long it will take to starve me to death. For the past 2 weeks at Sun-am lunch has gone a little something like this: kimchi, rice, seafood, different seafood, soup so spicy it makes my eyes water with chunks of floating fish

I have so much down time at work. I'm re-using portions of lessons from last year and all the same powerpoints, which saves me a lot of prep time. And last year Katie and I would chat on facebook for probably an hour or 2 total every day, and now she lives in a different time zone :(

One of my boys has started saying "congratulations" for anything remotely positive, and "die" for anything remotely negative

You are not allowed to break apart the banana bunches at the grocery store, so I had to buy about 14 bananas. I froze half of them, but made the mistake of not taking the peel off and cutting them up first. Lesson learned...

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  1. i love this post so much...haha we really don't congratulate enough.