Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lazy kids and a recording studio

Yesterday was not the best teaching day. 1st and 2nd grade was the highlight, and that's really saying something. 

I had 1 class of 5th grade and 2 classes of 6th grade, and they all thought they could show up and doodle in their notebooks and not pay attention. Yesterday's lesson was ridiculously easy...there was a dialog of 4 sentences that they had to listen to, repeat, and understand. And about 3 kids in each class remembered the sentences after listening. Oh no no no. When there are only 4 sentences you better know them. So I made everybody stand up and pass a ball around, and when they had the ball they had to say one of them. Some of the kids couldn't even do that! It was like trying to get blood from a stone. Co-teacher looked at me during class and said "Are you angry?" and I wanted to say "YES! Join me!" Days like that make me want to get out of here.

I needed to do something fun and easy with my little kids, so we read "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and they made their own little books. They colored animals however they wanted and wrote "pink fish" and they were SO excited about it. It was adorable.

Then I got to leave early and go record my voice for a listening test. I've done it before and didn't have the greatest experience, but this time was really fun. My old co-teacher Jenny was there, and the other foreigners were really nice and easy to talk to. And we had to say some crazy stuff. One of the questions went like this:

Man: Do you know where I am?
Woman: I'm sorry, I have no idea.
Woman: _____________ (kids listen and choose the best answer)

I don't remember the first 2 choices, but the others were:

I'm very hot
I'm a stranger here myself

It took 3 takes to get that one right because it was so funny, and we knew we couldn't laugh, which made us want to laugh more. Plus we shared a microphone, so we could see each other's faces...oh man. So good. 

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