Thursday, July 19, 2012

Writing games

I played a "writing game" the other day with my students where I gave them words and they had to write sentences with them. I love that I am still able to make them believe anything is going to be fun by calling it a game and talking about it in my excited teacher voice. Here's some of what they wrote:

Don't touch.

The student is perfect.

I don't think so.

My leg is long.

My grandfather is scary.

Wow fantastic baby.

I have a eyes.

I don't like you.

My house is airport.

I have perfect sister.

Morning is terrible.

Me is young boy.

My test is perfect.

Airplane can rest at airport.

I'm younger than teacher.

I remember english words.

I speak english perfect.

My fishing pole is wonderful.

My mom is old I'm young.

Australia is kind of country.

Wow! You are great programmer!

Last year I bought my glasses.

I remember your phone number.

This morning is shiny.

I don't love sports.

Grandfather is handsome.

Fishing pole is very clean.

I don't have white board.

I want long chopsticks.

The elephant is long nose.

I have anything.

I like crazy man.

I don't have airport.

Wash my hand.

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  1. Ha-- love this. It's amazing what the word "game" (and the appropriate amount of excitement) will motivate students to do!