Wednesday, September 18, 2013

House hunting

When I back moved to Korea my friends Anna and Lydia let me live with them so I wouldn't be homeless. I've spent the past 3 months in a quaint little fishing village, and it was great. I could see the ocean from the living room. We walked through a vegetable patch to get to the bus stop. I went running next to lighthouses.

But, now that I have a job, it was time to be a big girl and get my own apartment. Mina offered to take me house hunting last week. I knew what area I wanted to live in so we found a realtor and told him what I was looking for. We followed him from apartment to apartment and tried to keep up - it was hot and he was a very fast walker. 

I really liked the 3rd place of the day. It had a good layout, it was clean, and it felt pretty new. The guy said places were going fast and he wanted me to sign a lease then but I wasn't ready to be done looking. I just planned on seeing what my options were, not actually committing to anything that day. So we kept going. God bless pregnant Mina, I think I dragged her to 4 more places after that. The last apartment of the day was the best one. It had the same layout as the 3rd one that I liked, but it was in a better location, it had an elevator, and it was just nicer overall. At least I thought it was. We hadn't been taking pictures and I couldn't remember exactly what the 3rd place looked like. 

By that point in the day I had decided I should just commit to something. I was afraid I would think about it for a few days and then the apartment I liked would be gone and I'd have to start the process all over. So I asked if we could go back to the 3rd place one more time. We walked in and I knew I liked the last place better. So we all went back to the realtor's office, I stopped by the bank to draw out a lottttt of cash, and I signed the paperwork. 

And just like that, in less than 4 hours, I had a new home. That's what I call efficiency. 

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