Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Things that didn't happen

From my trip to Fukuoka...just because blogs are better with pictures

Today I was having coffee with a friend and we ended up talking about the things that haven't worked out in our lives. Not the little bummers, but the life-altering things. The things that at the time it feels like you'll never recover from. 

Pretty much nothing in the past few months has gone the way I thought it was going to. I flew back to Korea to interview for a job that seemed like a sure thing, and I didn't get it. And for a few months I was unemployed in a foreign country - scary. Most of the time I was genuinely ok, I knew that this was where I was supposed to be and I knew eventually I would have a job. But there were a few days I was so anxious about what wasn't happening that I felt physically sick. 

Back up a few years to when I was a senior in high school, I had my sights set on a certain college. I wanted to go there so bad, I had gone down for a visit and I could picture myself living on campus and loving it. When I didn't get accepted I was crushed. But if  I hadn't gone to the college I did - if I had gone there instead - I wouldn't have some of my best friends. I most likely would never have heard about EPIK or decided to teach in Korea. 

And now I'm so glad things happened the way they did. I'm glad I have the job I have in the city I live in. I'm glad God's plans are greater than my plans, and that he can make something great come out of things I see as disasters. I'm glad God hasn't let me settle for things I thought were good when he had something better waiting for me.  I'm glad things haven't played out exactly the way I pictured - how boring would that be? To never have anything surprising happen? It's not fun to have your life turned upside down, but so far pretty great stuff has come out of it. 

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