Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A blog about Bear

Bear is about 3 months old and he has lived with me for almost 2 weeks.

He is honestly so cute. Every time I take him outside at least 3 people tell me he's cute or want to pet him.

His favorite toy is the ball.

He sleeps in a box that he recently learned how to jump out of. I need to upgrade to a kennel soon.

Walking is very challenging. At first Bear would go limp when I put his leash on. Then he would walk but decide to lay down in the middle of the street sporadically. He gets scared of every car and thinks every person is a friend, so he changes directions approx every 10 feet. And he just learned how to run, so he'll go from zero to sprinting in 2 seconds.

He gets the hiccups a lot.

He's pretty quiet, doesn't really bark except for sometimes at his toys.

I took him to the beach and he ate a lot of sand.

He plays for an hour and then sleeps for an hour. Being a growing puppy is very tiring.

He likes to look at himself in the mirror.

He weighs less than 5 pounds and half of him is just fluff.

I love him.

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