Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pictures I sent InAi today

My lucky friend InAi received quite a few messages and pictures from me today. I thought I'd be generous and share them here as well :)

Picture #1

My afternoon beverage, because some days those kiddos just wear me out with all their arguing and getting out of their seats and asking questions I've already answered. Luckily Coke is full of delicious caffeine that helps me not turn into cranky teacher. But today the label didn't say Coca-Cola, it said I love you. Isn't that sweet. I love you too Coke, which is why I was almost finished with the bottle before I noticed the difference.

Picture #2

The other day a few friends were telling me about yarn bombing, which is apparently when people knit around large existing objects, like benches and statues and bicycles. It seems like a waste of time to me, although it is a pretty beautiful and impressive waste of time. Well on my way home tonight I noticed that the tree across the street at the pub had been yarned. It's funny when you talk about things and then see them in real life. I hope they finish the rest of the tree. 

Picture #3

Bear oh bear. It looks like someone got bored today and discovered the toilet paper. This is the first real mischief he's gotten into and I have to admit, it wasn't that bad. Even as I was scolding him I was laughing to myself because really? Who does this? You have actual toys you could play with, and you choose the toilet paper. His bone was even in the middle of the pile when I came home. I imagine he was chewing on it, then spied the toilet paper and thought, "Yeah, that looks like fun. Let me just gnaw on that like a chipmunk for a little while." All night he's been running around and coming back to me with little shreds of white stuck to his face. Having a puppy is not dull, that's for sure. 

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