Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today was my 100th day of teaching. I didn't count - somebody else did. 100 days went by really fast. In some ways I still feel very new. I don't know everybody's names, I don't know where they keep the paper at Sun-am, and some days I have no idea what I'm going to teach or how I'm going to teach it. But, I've definitely come a long way since day 1. I really do love my job. I don't have much to complain about. My co-teachers are pretty amazing. They like me, they're very helpful, and we're getting much better at communicating with each other. The kids are usually excited about English, and they make me laugh, and I think they're learning. Last week I taught the 2nd graders the word "student." A few days later a little 2nd grade girl found me in the cafeteria and said "teachaaa, I am student." So cute.

Today I got to go on a field trip! Usually I get left behind, but this was an English field trip so they invited me. It was my own little 100 day celebration :) Me, Jenny, and the 5th graders went to another school with a giant English center. I mean 2 whole floors with props and technology and rooms dedicated to English. It was amazing. Me, Jenny, and that school's English teacher did a bunch of role plays with the kids, then they watched about 45 minutes of Tangled, then we went back to school. They had more fun than I did, but I was happy to be there.

I went shopping last night and bought this dress.
I wore it to school today, and oh. my. gosh. In the morning 3 people told me I was very beautiful, and  Sam said "nice costume." If he meant nice outfit, that was sweet of him. If he was trying to tell me I was wearing a costume, that's not so sweet. Then I saw Jenny and she asked me if I was going on a date. Then I saw vice principal and she gave me a hug and said I looked so pretty. Then I saw Sam again and he asked me if I was going on a date. I'm never wearing this dress to school again. 

Then I came home to this.
The brick building is my apartment, and the lady in pink is my landlord. I think she spent the whole afternoon on that step watching the guys work. That gap is about 3 feet wide and runs in front of my entire building. They left one tiny bridge for people to walk over, thank goodness. There were notes taped all over the building, so I ripped one down and brought it to Jenny to translate for me. It said they're replacing the gas lines and "you might be uncomfortable" until it's finished. That is an understatement. They have created a moat minus the water and drawbridge.
Katie and I went shopping tonight and found this gem. It's one of those sleeping masks.
Elmo preys for you (upper right hand corner)

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