Monday, June 13, 2011

Sick weekend

I have bronchitis :( I was sick on and off last week, and Friday morning I looked up my symptoms on the trusty website webmd. It said bronchitis, so after work I went to the doctor. There is a doctor's office in my Home Plus, and my doctor is Korean but he worked in the States for a couple years, so we could communicate. Thank goodness. He told me what I have and gave me these:
Little bags of pills. I don't even know what they all are, but I take one pouch 3 times every day. All my friends who have been sick have been given medicine this way - Koreans don't believe in the little orange bottles I guess. And let me just tell you that the whole thing - doctor visit plus 5 days of medication - cost me less than $10. Can you believe it?! America should do whatever Korea is doing.

Side note: my co-teacher Jenny knew I was sick last week and knew I was going to the doctor. She was so worried about me. She kept saying things like "are you sure you're ok?" "I'm so worried about live alone." "how are you feeling? you should take a rest" She thinks I'm dying. It's cute. I texted her a few times this weekend to give her my health updates, and this morning she called my co-teacher Yuri at my other school to check up on me. God has blessed me with great people.

Saturday: the original plan was to climb a mountain, but I had bronchitis. So, I got my hair cut! Finally.
I've been putting it off because I was scared. My friend Kyla went to a salon, and she and the stylist didn't understand each other and Kyla ended up with extremely short hair. It was cute, but not what she wanted, and I didn't want the same thing to happen to me. Plus I was telling Sam about my fear and he told me a story about accidentally getting his head shaved when he was in America. Not encouraging. But, 2 of my friends went to a salon called Juno hair and had this stylist - Bon Seok - do their hair because she speaks a little English. She is my new favorite person. She did a perfect job, gave me a little scalp massage, spent a ton of time styling my hair (I wish she would come over every morning), gave me a discount, and walked me all the way outside. I'm going to be getting frequent hair cuts now. 

Sunday morning was church, then Katie and I downloaded Tangled and watched it. Such a cute movie! And a very relaxing weekend.


  1. sorry your sick!! Hope you get better so fast :)

  2. Get well soon Breann! Love all of your blog posts! :)