Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sand festival, mountain climbing, and rose festival

Its Wednesday night, I turned my air on for the first time (this country call is aircon), and I just got back from a VERY successful shopping trip. I bought 2 dresses, a belt, and some presents for friends :)

I had a very fun and busy weekend. Get ready for a long post 


Sand festival in Busan! I've probably said it before, but Korea LOVES festivals. So we spent the day on the beach looking at the most impressive sand creations I've ever seen
Giant castles
Mermaid in progress
It was a fairy tale theme
Us, sand, art, and ocean = successful picture
Next we went to Shakespeare in the park. Some foreigners put on the play. Shakespeare is not my favorite thing, but it was a nice day and it was in English. Plus we had wine :)
We went out for dinner at a Korean place. There were 6 of us, and nobody was super hungry, so we thought 4 servings of meat would be enough for everyone. They brought us 4 strips of meat. So we went to Burger King afterward. Then we went back to the beach for a night concert and some fireworks.

We wanted to go hiking. We heard about a mountain that was supposed to be very pretty and also have a waterfall running down it. We knew it was far away, but we were not prepared for how far. We got on a bus for about an hour, then didn't know what to do
This is Kyla asking the bus driver for help. He told us when to get off the bus. We wandered around for a little while, thinking it would be very obvious where the big tall mountain was. It wasn't very obvious. So, we asked a police officer for directions. 
He made us sit in the station while he figured out what to do with us
Then he walked us to the bus stop. We got on a different bus and finally - after about 2 hours of travel time - made it to the mountain. It was one of those situations that's just too funny to be frustrating. We were all excited to finally be there and start our hike! Buuut...almost immediately Garrett fell and sprained his ankle. Hike over.
This is the happy group shot we got while everyone was still able to stand. We sat around this little waterfall area so Garrett could ice his ankle, and it was really pretty and peaceful. We hung out and talked for a little while, so it wasn't a totally wasted trip. We'll go back some day and make it to the top!


It was Korea's Memorial Day, so no school. Yay! Our original plan was to go spend the day in Daegu, which is a nearby city. But, that didn't happen. I'm actually really glad we didn't go anywhere, because I would have been exhausted. It was really nice to spend a relaxing day at home. I got up, went for a walk around my lake, and did some cleaning and laundry. Then Katie and I had lunch with Alexis, Mo, and Christy. After lunch we wandered around the department store and a bookstore for a while. Then we went to a rose festival. Again, the love of festivals in this country...
Me and Alexis being Korean - making a heart
Yellow roses
Mo, Alexis, Katie, and me
Fun fun fun!

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  1. I love hearing and seeing everything Breann! So fun for us at home to experience Korea!