Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today I taught one class of 3/4th grade, one class of 5/6th grade, and then for 2 hours we had "sports day"...which was a giant dodgeball game. In Korea they play a little different, which I figured out after my co-teacher Jenny made me referee and I had no idea what was going on. 
 When somebody gets hit, they go stand on the outside of the other team's box. They can still play as long as their team throws them the ball, so nobody is ever really out.
 We played with a volleyball...not the softest choice.
 One boy got nailed in the face - we're talking volleyball lines on his cheek. His friend gave him a hug, he sat on the side until he could feel his face again, then he got right back in the game.
 Nothing happens when someone catches the ball, except their team cheers for them.
 They use the English words "out" and "pass"
 The boy in the yellow, Ray, spent the entire 2 hours pretending to be a monkey. When he didn't have the ball he would yell "I'm a monkey!" When he did have the ball, he would crouch down really low and make monkey noises before he threw it.
 Your team loses when nobody is left in your box.
Dodgeball isn't allowed in America anymore, so it was really fun for me to watch them play all afternoon. 

After dodgeball, it was lunch time. After lunch I got to go home. My vice principal is really nice and understanding, and she realizes its dumb to make someone sit at work for 4 hours when they don't actually have any work to do, so she lets me leave after I'm done teaching my classes. So I took a little nap, watched an episode of Glee, now I'm writing this blog, and its only 3:30. I love summer!

This is totally unrelated, but have you seen this video?! Michael would be proud.

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  1. Ohh my. I really hope Vandis does not turn out to be the monkey kid. Peyton either! You should get him a tail ;)