Sunday, August 28, 2011

Real Cooking

Friday I taught my 2 classes, then had cooking class with the big kids. They showed up with real ingredients and hot plates, so I knew we were doing more than assembling sandwiches. However, my co-teacher Jenny was not there. So I said "Kids, do you know what you're supposed to make?" and they said "Yes teacha" and I said "Ok great, because I have no idea. Get started." They were making Korean dishes, so I didn't even know how to help. Luckily a Korean teacher came in after a while and pretty much took over. I mostly ate and took pictures. Days like this make me love my job. 
 The 5th grade girls made a version of kimbap. Usually kimbap is vegetables and some kind of meat (usually tuna) wrapped in rice and seaweed. I actually like it. They didn't use any seaweed, and theirs were shaped like triangles.
 All the boys made a ramen dish with noodles, spicy sauce, vegetables, and hard boiled eggs.
 Peeling hard boiled eggs. Whole. They were difficult to eat with chopsticks.
 Frying eggs and flashing the peace sign.
 Adding spicy sauce. Ray, in the gray shirt, is the boy who acted like a monkey during dodgeball. He wants to be a comedian when he grows up and I think he probably will be successful.
 Nobody brought plates or bowls, so we all ate out of the pan with our chopsticks. We eat a lot of community meals in Korea.
 These are the only 6th grade girls, Mary and Tina. I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but I really love them...
 Eggs shaped like hearts.
 5th graders frying rice cake-type things.
This dish is corn, ham, and shredded cheese. I'm totally making this at my apartment.

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