Monday, October 15, 2012

Elmer the elephant

I did a project with my students last week. I read them the book Elmer, which is about an elephant who's self-conscious because he's colorful and the other elephants are gray. It's very sweet. So I gave them blank animals and they had to color them and write some sentences about their colorful friend. I think stuff like this is almost more fun for me than it is for them because I love to see what they create. The stuff they say cracks me up, and it usually gets funnier when it's said wrong.

 The elephant name is Bungi. Bungi is crazy. Bungi is dirty. Bungi is pretty. Bungi has boyfriends. 
 This is lion. This is black lion. This is black lion eyes is red. This lion is very hungry. This is lion very cute. 
 This is power ranger monkey. He likes pizza. He likes girl. He likes eat. He likes people. 
 This elephant name is Ella. This elephant is cute. I love this elephant. This elephant is big. This elephant eyes is small. 
 The monkey is crazy. The monkey is fight. The monkey is friend. 
 Lion is fire. I like lion. Lion is fighter. 
Monkey likes bananas. Monkey body is colorful. Many flowers are in the monkey's body. 

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