Friday, October 12, 2012


In 1st grade Jenne was practicing her sentences while Lilly was chewing on her tutu.

The lunch ladies served us kimchi, rice, sour veggies, egg, and tofu soup. Then everybody went to the teacher's room and ate snacks because were all still hungry.

Some mom brought bottles of frappuccino for the staff.

I let 3/4th grade play bingo and they cheered like I had just given them cash.

I watched the vice presidential debate, and sent in my application for an absentee ballot.

A 3rd grader was yelling at the class to be quiet when he accidentally hit many buttons on his computer and made lots of noise. Oops.

I wore my vest with the fur because it's fall now.

5th grade Kate came out of the bathroom wearing hanbok (traditional clothing). I guess she wanted it to be fancy Friday.

We had a little competition in 5th grade, and every time the winning team hummed the wedding march. I don't get it.

I only had 3 students do the Gangnam Style dance during class today.

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