Thursday, October 11, 2012

Geoje Vacation

Recently it was Chuseok in Korea, which is like Thanksgiving, which meant 5 days off work. So I went to a few islands with my friends Julie and Rosie. We visited Geoje and Teongyang. They're about 3 hours away from where I live. It was really great to get out and do something new and different. Last year I feel like I went to a new place every weekend, and I've been missing that. We did a lot of cool stuff, but also made time for the important things - afternoon naps, lots of snacks, and relaxing. 

On our first night we went to a beach, built this fire, and roasted hot dogs. We may have had help starting it from a nice Russian man with a blow torch.

 We took a ferry out to Oido Island

 Rosie, Julie, me
 Botanical gardens on Oido

 Sat in some colorful chairs
 Went to the Prisoner of War museum
 We had to fight the kids for a turn to play on the big gun
 Hiking day

 We rode bikes along this huge stretch of beach. It was beautiful.

 Throwing rocks. It reminded me of being 7 years old at the lake.
 Ate a giant hamburger at place called Big Burger.
Brunch at Paris Baguette. 

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