Friday, October 26, 2012

Stuff people said today

Little 1st grade Ben drives me crazy because he cannot focus to save his life, but luckily for him he's quite adorable. He followed me around today and "hid" in different places and would jump out and yell "hello!"

I overheard two 6th grade boys in the lunch line and they kept saying "ladies first" to each other. Except it sounded more like rady.

I discovered my new favorite punishment. I was walking behind the 5th grade class and every time one of them talked or did something naughty their teacher would stop, make them go to the back of the line, and walk while squatting. It got real good when they had to go down the stairs.

At lunch my co-teacher looked at me and said "Breann you are good at chopsticks." Ughhhh seriously?! I said "Of course I am, I've lived here for 2 years." Sometimes I think I'm just a blonde monkey to them.

My co-teacher also said "When you go to Japan, please don't spend a lot of money. I really hate Japan."

A 5th grader wrote this sentence: People in Brazil eat rainforests.

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