Monday, November 12, 2012

8 things

1. It's mid-November and the leaves are finally starting to change. Some trees turned yellow a couple weeks ago, but now we're starting to get some oranges and reds too.

2. Every time I walk past an open window or door at school, I close it. About half the time I walk past later on and it's open again. We don't need that much fresh air in the winter.

3. At least 2 kids in every class are coughing and sneezing all over their desks. Probably from all the "healthy fresh air."

4. On my way to school I walked past 2 kids. One said "Oooh, waygookin" and the other said "fantastic." I love it.

5. Today was picture day, but nobody told me, so in the staff picture everyone is wearing black suits and I'm wearing jeans and a purple sweater.

6. I was dragged into another room to have an individual picture taken. They made me sit at a desk and chair like a student, and the photographer was very particular about the way I crossed my hands on the desk. He took 4 pictures and I stood up to leave, and he said "No no no! More!" So I sat back down. While this was happening 3 other teachers were using the treadmills that we apparently store in that room, and students kept coming in and laughing at me.

7. At 11:57 co-teacher told me "Today this class is finished at 12:00." Thank you for the advance notice.

8. In 3 months and 2 weeks I will no longer be an EPIK teacher.

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