Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I've been doing Halloween lessons and activities all week. We've been learning about zombies, ghosts, jack o lanterns, and costumes.

We made paper plate pumpkins:

and spiders:

We went trick-or-treating around the school. I was going to take pictures of the kids in their costumes, but they all wore the exact same costumes as last year. And they're not so much costumes, as mismatched Halloween accessories. They (or their parents) don't seem to understand that your whole body should be dressed as the same character. One boy was wearing a scream mask, a witch hat, and carrying an axe.
Halloween 2011

I showed the kids the youtube video of the Gangnam Style Halloween house, and some of them literally didn't notice the lights because they were so excited about the song. Even the 2nd graders knew all the words.

Little Peter brought full size candy canes to pass out to his friends, and I was so excited to see one I didn't even tell him it was for the wrong holiday. Last year I couldn't find any, and I tried to ask him where his mom bought them but of course he didn't know.

Rose's birthday was today. Kids in Korea generally bring in food to celebrate with their class, but it's usually more of a meal than cake or candy: her dad brought fried chicken. She had him wait until English class time so I could get in on the party. It gets even better...her classroom teacher's birthday is the same as hers and she told me she wanted to celebrate with me instead. She told me I am "special teacher." Awww :) So we had a halloween-birthday-chicken party.

In every class there was a kid whose costume included an axe or a sword, something I could carry around and pretend to "kill them" with. They enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed it.

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