Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All in a day's work

This week was the yearly "Art Festival" at school, and by art festival I mean dance recital. The kids have been practicing for ages, and even though they were super cute I'm glad it's over so I won't have to hear recorders and drums every afternoon. Those instruments really carry. I think elementary school music rooms should be made soundproof.
 These little dumplings opened the show
 The chorus of the song the Kindergarteners danced to said: shake it baby shake your butt for me. A line was crossed
 Why do we make kids learn the recorder?
 1st grade
 It's no surprise which kids are really good at beating on drums
 4th grade wore glittery visors
 Mob of parents recording their kids
 5th grade. Half those "boys" are actually girls
 Mask dance
 Their costumes were the best
The hosts dressed as bride and groom


  1. Fun! I HATE the recorders... But, NWC was correct in making us take music methods. I now teach music and I will teach the recorder :)

  2. How cute are the children!! I love the photos! How are you liking Korea? DO you see yourself renewing a contract in the future? ;)

    Glad I came across your blog! I'm now your newest reader/follower on Bloglovin. :)