Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Fire safety" and some other funnies

My coteacher Seo-ah told me that one of my afternoon classes was cancelled because the kids had a fire drill. The alarm went off and they all walked outside and sat down. Then a fire truck pulled up and 3 firemen got out. They gave the kids a little presentation, then gave the kids fire extinguishers and started setting trash can fires. That's one way to teach fire safety I guess.

Pictures I took from the safety of the school building

Alice, why are you wearing 2 different shoes?
It's fashion teacha.

Rose why is your phone wrapped in a paper towel?
Because it's a mummy.

The 2nd graders did a worksheet, and I told the kids that finished early they could draw on the back. 2 boys each picked up a handful of crayons, scribbled, and told me it was Picasso.

3rd grade Sarah told me all about how she saw Breaking Dawn last night. Inappropriate.

Seo-ah taught 3/4th grade with me, and she is strict. I like it. They were not at their best today, so after class she made them do squats in the hallway while chanting various things.

The bus drivers went on strike this morning. That's no good when you rely on public transportation.

My 6th grade boys asked me to play "Call me Maybe" for them and then sang along in high-pitched voices

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  1. That is SO funny! Wow, things are awesome over there, I totally would have learned to play with fire much better than I did if I grew up there :)