Tuesday, September 20, 2011


If you ever want to feel 100% out of place you should go to a Korean university, sit in a room full of Koreans, and try to speak Korean while everyone around you pretends to study but actually eavesdrops and judges you. Good times. I've gotten used to being the only foreigner in groups, but in public places like school or Home Plus or the bus where I have a right to be there too. This was different and weird. Oh well.

Last week my language partner Ken brought 2 of his friends to our lesson. Tonight there were 2 friends again - one was the same and one new. I think I'm going to meet everybody he knows. It's good, its actually more fun this way. It feels more relaxed and informal. And I think they like to hear a foreigner struggle with Korean since they all spend so much time struggling with English.

And then when the lesson was over I got on the bus to come back to my apartment, and the driver took a really weird route. He went places he wasn't supposed to go and I was a little nervous I was going to end up lost on the side of the road. And for a while I was the only person on the bus. Usually people are fighting for seats. What a weird night.

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