Friday, September 30, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner

Last night Katie had me, Alissa, Garrett, and Kyla over for dinner. We decided it would be fun to cook breakfast, so we made pancakes, bacon, and potatoes. Normally I'm a waffle person, but Korea has changed my taste in food. Plus I put chocolate chips in mine :)

We had to cook everything in a tiny little kitchen with only 2 pans. So first we made the potatoes, then rinsed out that pan to cook the bacon. We had a tiny frying pan for the pancakes, and we could only make one at a time. It took us over an hour to cook everything and we were done eating in about 20 minutes. It was so good!

We ate out of bowls and plates, and drank out of little kid cups and coffee mugs. 2 people sat on the bed, 2 people sat in regular chairs, and one person sat in the reading chair. This is what dinner parties in Korea are like - random and mis-matched because our apartments were not built for entertaining.

Then we watched some great youtube videos, and the movie Groundhog's Day. I was going to take pictures because I haven't taken any for a long time, but I took my camera out of my purse and realized the battery was dead. So use your imagination.

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