Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eat your kimchi

My friend takes a picture of his lunch every day, so now you can see what I eat 5 times each week. Basically we have kimchi, 2 side dishes (usually veggies or meat), rice, and soup. Wednesdays are special lunch days. The lunch ladies cook bibimbap or curry or purple rice instead of white rice. Exciting. The only difference between these lunches and mine is that at my schools the kimchi ALWAYS goes in the top left circle on the tray. His school does the top right. And his school apparently doesn't serve as much seafood as mine.
 From left to right: pepper, potatoes, kimchi, bibimbap (delicious!) and soup. This must have been a special lunch day.
 Pork, veggies, kimchi, rice, seaweed soup
 Rice cake dish, veggies, kimchi, rice, soup
 Quail eggs (delicious), tofu, kimchi, rice, dumpling soup
Veggies, pork, kimchi, rice, soup

P.S. I have awesome chopstick skills now. I can pick up a single grain of rice. :) I'm so proud

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