Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen

We decided to have a Halloween night-o-fun and make chili, carve pumpkins, eat candy, and watch Hocus Pocus. Step 1 was finding pumpkins to carve. It was much more difficult than you would expect. My co-teacher Jenny warned me that it would be basically impossible to find orange pumpkins, so we bought the green ones at the market. Then we had to carry them back. I carried 2 and Katie carried one, and after that walk I decided I could have twins.
 We got all 3 greens for $8. What a steal. The baby green one turned out to be some strange melon that tasted like cucumber. We asked the lady at the market what it was and she said the word for pumpkin, but then Katie's co-teachers told us that the word "pumpkin" in Korean has 2 meanings: pumpkin and this mystery melon. Oh well. We carved it anyways.
 We went to Katie's apartment - we always go to hers because its the biggest. She invited 2 of her co-teachers, Liz and Kate.
 Alissa had to wear a costume for school that day, so she kept it on for us. It was a dinosaur and we loved it almost as much as her kids did!
 Lights on: Garrett and Kyla made an angry pig, Alissa made a monster, I made some stars, Alissa drew a duck that Katie carved, and Katie and her co-teachers made a face and then attached everyone else's scraps to their pumpkin.
 Lights off
What a lovely couple. They were lucky enough to find a real orange one!

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