Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I love to shop

Sunday we went shopping in Busan in an area full of cute little shops. We all had a shopping list. I wanted a leather coat, Katie wanted a new purse, Alissa wanted a black dress, Kyla wanted sweaters, and Garrett came because Kyla did. We got there around lunchtime and had some Mexican food. There were about 25 people in the restaurant, and not a single one was Korean. It was awesome. Part of the reason we love Busan so much is because there are lots of foreigners...we feel like we belong.
 Fantastic wolf hat
 I didn't find my leather jacket, but I found these blue shoes. Then we had Quiznos for dinner. It's the only place in Korea you can get a good sandwich, and the only one is in Busan. We didn't have to work Monday because it was a Korean holiday, so we decided to go to the spa before we left Busan :) If you show up after 8:00 you get a discount. There's one big area that's co-ed, then men and women each have their own smaller area with saunas and pools called a jimjilbang. And everyone walks around that area 100% naked. They are naked in the saunas, naked in the pools, naked everywhere. We had our little spa outfits on and we were trying to figure out how to get out and Katie said "I never thought I'd feel weird about having clothes on." So true! All those ladies were totally comfortable without their clothes on and they looked at us like we were the weird ones. We eventually found our way out and we sat in the foot bath area, a bunch of different saunas, and some massage chairs. Very relaxing. And all that for the low low price of $10!

Since Sunday shopping was only halfway successful and we had Monday off, we went downtown looking for the stuff we didn't find the day before. And after about 17 different stores I found my jacket!
 I know this isn't the best, but taking this picture was difficult and I got tired of trying.
They had some reallllllly pretty ones for $700. Maybe I can afford one next year :)

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