Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy happy campers!

This weekend my friends and I did a photo scavenger hunt. We all had to wear matching outfits, so we bought the greatest plaid fleece and called ourselves the happy campers :) Basically we spent 5 hours running around Busan making fools of ourselves. We had so much fun!
 Buy a fish from the market and set it free in the ocean. This fish did not know it was a had its head out of water gasping for air, and it floated like this. But I swear it was alive. The guy we bought it from couldn't understand why we only wanted one fish and why we wanted him alive.
 Be free!
 Wear as many animal prints as possible
 Spell the word "busan" with 3 Koreans
 Sit on a scooter that doesn't belong to you
 Put one body part in the ocean. It was not warm.
 Play DDR with a Korean and cheat
 Take a family Christmas photo
 Get proposed to by a Korean. When we asked this guy to take the picture for us, he said "this is just pretend right?"
 Plank something. You have no idea how dangerous this was
 Take a picture with a baby and make a face like you just found out its yours
 Drink a glass of water while in a pyramid
 Airband photo
Take a picture with a couple wearing couplewear

We also had a few video challenges. We had to crabwalk from one store to another

This is us buying the fish

And the release...

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