Monday, October 3, 2011


 Saturday my friends convinced me to go to a jazz concert. I wasn't thrilled about it, but they all were, so I decided to go. Before the concert we went out to dinner. It was really nice, so we sat on the patio. While we were eating a little boy came over to our table. He was probably 4 or 5. He started talking to us in Korean, then he grabbed my head and kissed me on the cheek over and over and over. He was missing his 2 front teeth and he had food in his mouth. It was really cute and weird and awkward. Nobody knew how to react, so we all just laughed. Then he grabbed Alissa's face and gave her a little back massage. Then he moved on to Katie and Alexis and massaged/shook them too. This lasted close to 5 minutes probably. His family was sitting a few tables away and just let this all happen. He left, then came back for some more. That was definitely the weirdest experience with a child I've ever had. He'll probably have a foreign girlfriend when he grows up.
 Then we went to the concert. It was by this British guy named Duncan Galloway and his quartet. They were actually very good. They sang a lot of songs I recognized. The guy was old, but he liked to dance and come into the audience. He had a lot of energy. You can tell by this packed auditorium that Koreans are big jazz fans. After a few songs they let us move downstairs because not all the seats were taken.
Then we went out for coffee and dessert. Look at this! I had the mocha, and they made me a heart out of froth :) Plus they gave me a free square fudge. Everyone else got those cupcakes. It was the best. We sat and talked and looked at fashion magazines. Super fun.

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