Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The best school day

Sports day was just as fun this year as it was last year. The weather was BEAUTIFUL…we couldn’t have asked for anything better. The kiddos played a lot of the same games, but there were some new ones. My fav was a running game, and while they were running around the track they had to jump rope with a hula hoop, do a somersault, jump a hurdle, and limbo under a pole. Dangerous? Absolutely. But luckily nobody got hurt. Several kids did get stuck halfway through their somersault though. One kindergartener just laid there until somebody came and unfolded her. I had to man the hula hoop station so I don’t have pictures, but trust me that it was as funny as what you are picturing in your head right now.
And to top it all off, vice principal let us go home after lunch! Originally she was going to make us sit there until 5:00 even though the kids were gone, but she must have been in a good mood, and I was home by 2:00. 

 Me and the co-teachers, Lily and Seo Ah
 National anthem
 Their shirts were 2 people running a 3-legged race saying "We are the best." I need one
 Running in a line
 2-sided card game. Blue team was turning over the blue side, and green team was turning over the red side
 I got to play the fishing game with the parents :)
 I won toothpaste
 My fav game made a re-appearance

 Snack time
 Make sure your shoes are tied

 Arrow throwing. It's harder than it looks

 Hula hoop jump rope
 Kick your shoe into a hoop
 Whole school relay race
These 2 cried because their team lost :( Poor babies. We all laughed a little

Stay tuned for videos tomorrow

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