Thursday, May 3, 2012


For lunch one day school served potato soup, pork, rice, kimchi, and some veggies. Great meal. But as I was eating I thought, for probably the first time in my entire life, "this isn't spicy enough." I have officially changed.

I found good kimchi. I almost hate to admit it. We were at a restaurant and we tried to ask the owner what he does differently. I think he said he cooks it...normally they ferment it. We're still not totally sure, but we ordered seconds.

One of my 3rd grade girls asked me if I had a boyfriend, and I said no. She goes, "but teacha, you are pretty" and I thought "awwww you're so cute" then she said "teacha, I have boyfriend and you don't." Good feelings gone. But we did have this convo in Korean, so at least I've got that going for me.

This weekend I went to a whale festival, which was so fun. We met these characters. And I got sunburned. I'm not so excited about the burn, but I am happy that it's finally warm enough to get some color. One of my co-teachers actually told me I'm too white, and they think pale is good...

On the same day I went to the bamboo forest, which I've been meaning to do pretty much since I got here. Katie and I would always say "let's go next weekend." I finally did.

Most of the foreign teachers had to be at a training for 2 days. We didn't learn much, and all my friends were in different classes than me. But they did give us lots of 10 minute coffee breaks and really long lunches. I was the typical American who wanted McDonalds :) I had my first bulgogi burger, which is not the same as a hamburger but it's not terrible either. 

Tomorrow is sports day! Unfortunately it's sports day at both my schools, so I'll miss out on Sun-am's because I'll be at JangSaengPo. But my camera battery is charged and ready :) And after that Bethany and I are going to a retreat up near Seoul with our new church. Happy weekend everyone!

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