Monday, May 14, 2012

My week in pictures

 A drawing of me from one of my girls. It's nice to know that someone sees me as a Disney princess :)
 Happy mid-terms kids
 Crunky bar from a student
 Buddha's birthday lanterns
 Morning tea in a winky cup
 Yellow dust has arrived
 Pastel truck
 Rain rain go away
I was given a rose wand from a student

And some things I didn't take pictures of:

Friday was field trip day for everyone except the English staff, principal, and some secretaries. We had to stay at school all day. We started the day with a kimbap and chicken wing buffet at 9:30. Then principal wanted to take a group walk, but everyone except one person managed to avoid that. I booked my Hawaii flight (I'll tell you more about that soon), spilled brown sauce and orange juice on my white shirt, and spent an hour playing ping pong.

I saw Avengers! Amazing. I wish my hair was as beautiful as Thor's. I went with my friend Paul and I think we were the only 2 foreigners in the theater. The movie was in English with Korean subtitles, and the humor didn't translate well because there were only 3 times the whole theater laughed with Paul and I. And it was a funny movie...we laughed a lot. I think most of the sarcasm gets lost on translation. I wonder if they thought we were crazy? 

After the movie we went to a new restaurant. Either they didn't have picture menus or the waiter was too lazy to bring us one, because we were given a piece of paper with a list of food and we just picked something. They brought us meat and it was good. Then they brought us cold noodle soup, then they brought us rice. Then some waitress came over and asked us if we were supposed to have all that food. 1. We are foreigners. We didn't even see a menu. We don't know. 2. You work here ma'am! It is your job to figure it out. They ended up taking it all away, which was fine because the meat filled me up. 

Ohh, 1 more picture

This is the view I have from church :) My new church has a new location. We are now meeting in a bar on the 14th floor of a building, and we get to look out at the city and the beach.

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