Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A million dollar purse?

I went to the department store yesterday morning, and while I was riding the escalator I looked down and saw this:

They set up a structure, a large structure, to showcase 4 purses. They put those purses in glass boxes and had men in suits escort potential customers around while other men in suits offered them champagne and kept regular people out of the structure. 

What? Really? Why?! At first I was intrigued, because for somebody to go through all that effort this must be a big deal. Except it wasn't, it was 4 purses. Then I was disgusted, because I'm all for pretty things but you cannot convince me that anything is worth this. This bag is not going to cure cancer, some rich lady is maybe going to buy it and put her mascara and tissues in it. Then I was curious, because what in the world could possibly be so special about these bags? Did the leather come from rare cows? Is there a golden egg inside? With your purchase do you also get one of the men in suits to always follow you around offering you champagne?

And then I thought about how much one of these probably costs and how much money I have in my bank account and I got a little sad and bought a $2 notebook and left. The end. 

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