Tuesday, October 8, 2013

As of lately...

I came home to this the other night...a stray cat chillin on a car. From the sounds of it, an entire herd of them lives somewhere near my bedroom window and they all love to fight with each other. This guy stared me down as I walked to the elevator and I was a little nervous he was going to pounce on me. Cats are the worst. 

Saturday morning I went bike riding with this pretty girl and a few others. It was really refreshing to get out and do something a little different - I feel like I've been going to the same places over and over for a while now. The weather was good and we followed a path next to a river with lots of wildflowers. 

After our bike ride we had some lunch and sat on the beach for a little bit. It never gets old for me. 

Today I got my first real mail in my new apartment! It was from my friend Alissa - we lived in Ulsan together. It included this beautiful lion piece that she made herself. I am blown away! I have the most talented friends. I'm not artistic at all, but most of my besties studied art/make art/are very creative. I'm buying a frame for this beauty first thing tomorrow. 

And last but not least, Uncle Si. I get the history channel - random I know. So I've been watching shows like Swamp People and Kings of Restoration, and of course Duck Dynasty. I would give anything to know how they translate his ramblings. Korean doesn't have the vocabulary for crazy redneck uncle...what do they think he's saying?! 

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